A play by William Alan Ritch

Act I. "Two houses both alike in dignity"
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Come with me and be transported 
To an era long ago.  
You'll see star-crossed lovers thwarted 
By the Fates' unfeeling blow. The sea does toss, 
The sky's a-wash, 
With thunderclouds and rain. It's black as ink, 
And you might think, 
That navy life's a pain. A sailor's lot, 
As oft as not, 
Is not a cup of tea. Still, we'd not trade, 
For jewels nor jade, 
Our life upon the sea. There be a ship just off the starboard bow. The Crimson pirates led by Cap'n Dredd. They kill a foe by cutting off his head. They're nine feet tall, and trim their beards with fire. Ah, there you are my boy, what kept you? She's ceased firing, but she still draws nigh. I can almost see the men on her deck. There be an English ship to port! 'This yon Spanish vessel, to starboard, that I be watching. We missed the mast by less'n a foot! The moon is dark,
A shot! Then hark:
A galleon tastes the brine. We'll sink them all
Small ships and tall.
And blood will flow like wine. Our ship, The Crim-- 
--son Curse, ain't prim. 
She's terror on the sea. 
All: Mediterrane, 
To sunny Spain. 
A pirate's life for me. SONG: A Pirate's Life SONG: A Pirate's Life SONG: A Pirate's Life As fair an evening as this weather doth permit, Dick Deadeye. Then be ye game for a bit of sport? Touché. Very good, Ethel. That be the third time ye kill'd me. Ye fence better than any girl...any other girl I know. I can also lift a cannon ball above my head. I can climb the rigging faster than any of you save Long John Thomas. And yet, my father will never let me be a pirate. He still treats me as a child. As a girl. The pirates!  We're being boarded. Hold right there. You'll not take the Virgin Queen without a fight. Oh, they are a rough looking lot. I'd fear running into one of them in a dark alley. I don't know. They're all right--if you like that sort, that is. We come not to fight.  But ye'll get one just the same. Captain, our captain sends his regards, and requests the pleasure of your company. We're takin' on water, Cap'n!
  Oh ----- Bother!
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