A play by William Alan Ritch

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Act IV. "Double, Double, Toil and Trouble”
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What now dost thou think of the pirate’s life? There are certain definite advantages. Talk not to me, sir. I have long known of you wanton ways with the men that you capture, but now you seduce innocents. Good morrow to thee...brother. SONG: As Lover's Do But...I....I mean... Thou art right. Even we, who live as free spirits, cannot defy God's laws. Thou knowest me. I am Romeo, son of... 
Not thee. Her. Yon pale woman.  Ethel...I am your mother (I've always wanted to say that). Your brother? Child, thou dost overlook the obvious to concoct some wild idea. Allow me to tell thee a story, a story about two brothers...identical twin brothers both of whom sought a life on the sea. One was apprenticed, as he was ought, to a dashing crew of pirates. Unfortunately, due to a stupid domestic, the other to a boring civil service job with a Royal Navy pilot. I'm sure the similarity of these two nautical terms will cause great confusion for hundreds of years to come. Where before did meet we three? On Showtime, Fox, or W. B.? Buffy's network, we're on when Dawson's Creek begins to dim. You must be witches. I understood not a word of your mystical speech. Oh, and you'll be Thane of Cawdor! 
In Scotland?  
Oh. Sorry. That was for somebody else. Here. Take this locket. We've magicked it.  
But I already have a locket! Two of them. This be my real locket. The other is part of some strange plan of the queen's. And if we take their words for truth.  We are only cousins.  Which means...
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