A Pirate's Life

Rhythm 1
Pirates: Manly sailing on the bounding main.
Sailors’ booty: that is what we gain.
We like to toy with the British tars,
and put them through some tests.
(Our) coats we will doff
Which’ll put the boys off
By the bearing of our vests.
Our vests.  Our bright and gaudy vests.

Fighting sailors, and the swords go clang!
If we’re lucky things end with a bang!
If they’re larger than you and me
then we must use our wits.
Our foes are misguided
We’ll make ’em lop-sided.
By sticking out our mitts.
Our mitts.  Our terribly massive mitts.

BRIDGE – Rhythm 2
  Fearsome Captain Dredd, loves the pirate’s life
Near as well as do we!
Even though he’s peerless,
Completely fearless;
(Well) thankfully Dredd is quite thick!

Stuck in quarters close on this tiny ship,
Sharing privies quite free.
(Don’t he) have a single clue
’Bout his curvy crew?
Can’t he see we have no beards?

Rhythm 1
  What of pleasure when the fighting’s done?
Captured seamen: we play them for fun.
Whist, pinochle, or solitaire?
Those games are for the Rubes.
Nothing that’s quizical.
Something more physical:
Playing with our cubes.
Our cubes.  Our fuzzy gaming cubes.
Taking their money is not very nice.
But we like it!
When we get them to play with our dice!
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