Contradiction Prediction

Rhythm 1
Piper: First into our cauldron add a little dry ice.
Then a pinch of basil that will make it taste nice.
Finally some cumin--an unusual spice.
(Then) stir it all together, brother. Heed our advice:

Rhythm 2
  You had better start by playing it cool.
Donít you go and freak and donít be a fool.
Into dumb teen angst, no, you shouldnít cave.
Black despair and grief will lead to your grave.
Pushing daisies now instead of love-sick.
You might think youíre dead,
(But) itís a dead that donít stick!

Rhythm 1
Pru: Now here comes the gross part which you just might have guessed.
Baboon hearts, and monkey farts, we fill a snailís breast.
Eye of newt and toe of frog, well you know the rest.
(And) If you hold your stomach then you surely are blessed.

Rhythm 2
Both: Royal navy, well, itís not where youíre at.
Captain you will be, but wear a new hat.
Itís a captaincy that youíll have to share.
Your meníll be strange. Much rounder than square.
Theyíve no uniforms and maybe no pants.
Just be grateful that
They are not from Penzance.

Rhythm 1
Phoebe: Now you might think our show is done, our magick all but spent.
But here I have the promise of an honest president.
And something there thatís just as rare
Of which I have no knowledge:
The daydreams of a virgin in
Her senior year at college.

Rhythm 1
  Sometimes things are not complex as they seem.
Often with hard work, you can have your dream.
Ethel: you must choose her place in your life.
What is she to be? Sister? Cousin? Wife?
I know things are weird, but donít give a damn.
Overcome your pride. Move to Alabamí!
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