Romeoís Lament

Romeo: Once again
There was fighting that I was not there to see.
Once again
Father sent me down and so ignored my plea.
Now Iím stuck
On this pirate ship a-heading out to sea.
He thinks his son,
A simpleton,
He pays no heed to me.

How I wish Fatheríd let me fight the Spanish as I please.
How I long
For a battle with the French or Portugese.
How Iíve prac-
tised my swordplay, but Iím slashing at the breeze.
For my fatheríd
Have me rather
Lead a life of ease.

As for love,
Iím frustrated, and Iím starting to feel trapped.
And the men,
Though I like them all, I keep my love well-capped.
On my ship,
On the Virgin Queen, that name is all too apt.
Since Iíve no yen
For navy men.
My rapier stays wrapped.

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