The Navy Life

Rhythm 1
Navy: Manly sailing on the deep blue sea.
Navy seamen, thatís the stuff for me.
Facing danger, and storms, or fighting with a buccaneer,
(If) these donít excite you,
Then life in the navy might seem a trifle queer.

We have lots of hobbies when weíre free:
Knitting, sewing, and embroidery.
In bell-bottoms and coats of blue, weíre cheerful all the day.
(When) dressing up snappily,
British tars happily, lead a life thatís gay.
BRIDGE Ė Rhythm 2
Church, our captain dear; helms the properest
Ship to sail on the sea.
(With his) British bearing he
Donít like swearing not
Even a ďdarnĒ nor a ďheck!Ē

Nonetheless there are rules we like and with
Which we always agree!
(Itís a) Navy tradition and
Old superstition:
Thereís never a woman on deck!

Rhythm 3
  Now let us cheer for the captain just because!
Because of the wonderful things he does.

Rhythm 1
Life is simple on the Virgin Queen.
Not like other places we have been
Thereís a policy that we like and yes, it serves us well:
And gosh itís really swell!
How we behave-y for life in the navy?
Donít ask and do not tell!
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