A play by William Alan Ritch

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Act II. "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown"
Photo Scrapbook
It is several days later and we are at court. The sea. England's frontier. These are the voyages of the HMS Virgin Queen. It's on-going mission: to seek out new lands and new civilisations and conquer them for the queen. To boldly go where no Englishman has gone before. Despite the damage to your ship, we are most pleased with your recent adventure, Captain Church. And you told it so very well, too. I especially like the device of beginning each of your tales by quoting from your log and telling us the date when it occurred. Do seamen really reckon dates by the stars? We are doing quite well, thank you. Your ship, however is another story. The royal boatwrights say that it will be another fortnight. There is a man you must meet in Calais. He carries with him the match to this. A portrait of Your Majesty. I shall treasure it forever. I see him looking at me.
So, what if he is, dear sister? Besides, methinks he might not stare as much if there were not so much to see.
My dress is the latest fashion, in Paris. You are too kind, Your Majesty. I was just telling my unrefined little sister what a pleasure it was to be in Your Majesty's lovely presence. 'Big' Benn. We are pleased to see you again. How was your trip to the new world?
Mercifully less eventful than my first one. Does Your Majesty mean that I might call in the debt long owed me? I shall take my sprite, Ariel, with me. She can be most persuasive.
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